spelling & rehabilitation

In a relaxed environment, we offer the ideal facilities for spelling and rehabilitation. To ensure individual attention and care, we only accept limited numbers of horses. Spelling horses are turned out in well-secured grass paddocks or alternatively in small rings if they require more restricted exercise.


Spelling or rehabilitation services include:

  • turn-out for 7-8 hours per day
  • exercising horses on a range of different surfaces, such as grass, sand, hills, depending on the needs of each horse
  • the use of a Bemer blanket
  • referral to equine physiotherapist
  • referral to an equine chiropractor
  • individual care as required, including icing and hand-walking
  • specialised schooling to assist with recovery from muscle injury.

Depending on the horse’s needs and the owner’s requirements, we can bring horses back into work, either by lunging or being ridden. We rehabilitate horses that have gone ‘sour’ or have behavioural problems, giving the horse specialised groundwork and re-schooling, a change of scenery, rides on a neighbouring farm accompanied by a quiet lead horse and appropriate ridden exercise on all types of going.