At Soetendal Estate, we offer full sales preparation, marketing and representation of our clients’ horses at most sales nationwide.

Our preparation starts with a balanced feeding programme and we supplement each horse’s diet according to its individual requirements. Our goal is to turn out horses that display their innate quality and potential. Our experienced farrier, who is an expert on dealing with young horses, inspects the horses’ feet regularly and corrects any deviations as necessary.

No matter how well a yearling is bred, it will only get a handful of opportunities to “show” correctly at sale time so we spend much of our preparation time teaching our horses how to stand, walk and tbashow correctly.

Sale preparation usually begins three months before the sale, with hand walking, gentle lunging, grooming, and time turned out. We continually evaluate each horse so we can rectify any small problems and ensure the horse is ready to be displayed to its best advantage at the sale.

Our experienced staff have prepared horses for sales in South Africa and the United States, and take great pride in delivering your young race horse into the sales ring.


CTS March Yearling Sale 2017

Durbanville Racecourse 18th & 19th March 2017

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